International Chess Open «Valencia Cuna del Ajedrez»

Competition rules

Prizes: 12.000 € + Trophies Dates: July 8th to 16th, 2023

Organizer: Federación de Ajedrez de la Comunidad Valenciana

Venue of play: Universidad Politécnica de Valencia: ETSIT Telecomunicación Camí de Vera, s/n, 46022 València, Spain Google Maps

Rate of play: 90 minutes + 30 s from move 1 System: Swiss 9 rounds

Defaut time: 15 minutes

End of registrations: July 5th.

Valid for ELO: FIDE y FEDA and FIDE titles Norms






Round 1 July 8th, 16:00hs Round 4 July 11th, 16:00 hs Round 7 July 14th, 16:00 hs
Round 2 July 9th, 16:00hs Round 5 July 12th, 16:00 hs Round 8 July 15th, 16:00 hs
Round 3 July 10th,16:00hs Round 6 July 13th, 16:00 hs Round 9 July 16th, 10:30 hs


Registration process:

Registration form

Open Internacional Valencia Cuna

Payments Bank transfer: IBAN ES29 3159 0066 9722 7028 6228 or Credit card

Registration Fee: 50 € General. 30 € FACV. Titled GM/IM/WGM/WIM free fee.

Titled GM/WGM from any country or IM/WIM not spanish can ask conditions at:



Colegio Mayor Ausias March Av. de Catalunya, 30

46021 València, Valencia Location on Google Maps


The accommodation system that the school has is 4-bedroom apartments (3 singles and one double) with a bathroom to share

The price per day per person with full board is €45.00

All rooms have air conditioning. The school has a leisure and recreation room. The laundry service is not included in the price.

Waking distance 14 minutes to playing venue


Accomodation reservation: only by mail to



Two byes of ½ points in the first 6 rounds can be requested to the arbiter in writing, at the latest, before the end of the previous round and must include both the request for bye and the signature of the player. Titled players are not allow to ask for a Bye just in exception the chief arbiter allow them in case of Major force.



The tie-breaks will be valid both for the purposes of classification and for obtaining trophies and cash prizes. Therefore, neither trophies nor cash prizes will be divisible among the players who could have drawn points.


They will applied in the following order:

  • 1º (Most paired).
  • 2º Buchholz top 8
  • 3° Buchholz FIDE Total
  • 4° ARPO
  • 5° Sonneborn-Berger
  • 6° Direct encounter
  • 7° Draw of lots



Unjustified failure to appear in one round or two rounds, even if they are justified, will mean withdrawal from the tournament and loss of rights to prizes if obtained. The player who has already requested a 0 point bye will no longer be able to justify a forfeit.

The FACV reserves the right to register and admit players.

The clothing of the participants will be appropriate for an international chess tournament, being the organization’s power to expel any participant who does not comply with the instructions received in this regard.

A Competition Committee for the tournament will be formed, made up of the tournament director and two players.

The pairing will be done with the VEGA program.

The FACV may exercise the right of non-admission in the next open tournaments such as the one convened here to those players who register and do not show up, as well as those who withdraw without notifying the arbiter, provided that the absence is not duly justified.

It is forbidden to have electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, smart watches, etc. in the gaming area.

Note 22/2018 will apply: and the FIDE Laws.

In the game room it will not be allowed to eat food or have drinks that do not have a stopper to avoid spills.

Participants with their registration accept these competition rules and the Privacy Policy of the FACV

The organization will take photos in the tournament for their normal publication as news, it being possible for the participants to express their reservations through the web contact form at

The first three players in the general classification must be present at the closing ceremony, except in cases of force majeure duly announced in advance and whose justification is accepted by the organization. Failure to comply with this requirement may mean losing the rights to the prize.

Everything not specified in these rules will be governed by the FACV, FEDA and FIDE Competition Regulations or will be resolved by the organization.

A player invited with conditions by the organization must play except in exceptional circumstances (force majeure), such as illness or disability. Acceptance of another invitation or participation in another tournament or event is not considered a valid reason for not participating or withdrawing.


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Este evento cuenta con la colaboración económica de Generalitat Valenciana con un importe de 30.000 €